About MAd-PreCall

MAd-PreCall: MAd-PreCall video advertising platform is built on a unique proposition of opt- in customers, that stay engaged with brands in various ways.Through the gateway of their interactions with their mobiles.

With a product offering so unique, we already have 7.6 Million engaged users and are paving our way to hit 10 Million loyalists. We have an expanding range of unique services. All built around good value of Opt-In, with our users keen to get the best for themselves and give the best to the brands in turn.

We believe in smart tech innovations to deliver the best to customers. Bright ideas, that are quick to assimilate and easy to use . Driven by a team that brings a powerful blend of customer insights and high tech capability.

Self-funded so far, we have brought in a fresh new twist to Mobile Advertising. And are well set to burst forward, into new opportunities in India and the global mobile landscape.

We are already working with the best in the business of video advertising. Partnering with Micromax on all their smartphones across telcos and integrated with Tata DoCoMo, Idea and MTS, our services find valuable use across a host of brands like Coke, Star Movies, Nissan, Samsung to name a few and a long long list of others