MAd-PreCall – A unique product.  Simple in its use. Effective for a brand. And intuitive for customers.

Simply said, MAd-PreCall gives the user an easy option to see a video ad before he makes a call
And collects easy reward points on the way.
With just 3 to 5 ads per customer in a day,
It’s easy calling and time well spent and rewarded


The #7 step method

#1. Customer calls a number.
#2. Before a call connects, we ask him if he would like to see an ad.
#3. Once he agrees, the video advertisement plays
#4. Reward points are credited in his account
#5. Post his call, he is directed to a page that draws him to interact with the brand.
#6. This happens only 4-5 times during a day so he’s not interrupted.
#7. The video even serves up in HD quality in a poor network area.


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