m-AdCall Products

We have a bandwagon of loyal, dedicated customers who love us.
We have their positive buy in and consent.
And we help you offer build deep brand ties with them

We are m-adCall
the world’s most unique mobile ad and reward service.

With a suite of products that allow our customers
to engage with your brands, your content
during leisure time that works for them

Before a call, after a call;
or before they start off any favourite app or game

Using technology that ensures
your video ads run seamlessly
even when networks are poor
Without impacting the quality of your brand.

Leverage your brand with our products
which have over 7.6 Million Customers
and have already delivered over a 100 million Video ads
with interesting pricing models

… And this is just the beginning from us.

MA-d PreCall
M-ad PreApp
MA-d InApp

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